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Visa-Free Countries for Azerbaijan Citizens

Holders of an Azerbaijan passport have the privilege of travelling to a multitude of countries across the globe without the need for a visa. This comprehensive guide presents an in-depth look at the specific countries that Azerbaijani citizens can explore without the necessity of obtaining a prior visa. It includes information on countries that offer visa-free access, as well as those that provide visa-on-arrival options and Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) facilities.

Azerbaijani Passport Holders Enjoy Visa-Free Travel

Visa-Free Travel Destinations for Azerbaijan Passport Holders

Azerbaijan passport holders enjoy visa-free access to a selection of 30 countries, allowing for convenient and hassle-free travel. The following nations welcome Azerbaijani citizens without the need for a visa:

These countries include Albania, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Cook Islands, Dominica, Ecuador, Gambia, Georgia, Haiti, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Micronesia, Moldova, Montenegro, Namibia, Russia, Serbia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, Tajikistan, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Vanuatu, making it convenient for Azerbaijani passport holders to explore a variety of destinations without the need for a visa.

Visa on Arrival Options for Azerbaijan Passport Holders

Azerbaijan passport holders have the advantage of securing visas on arrival in 36 countries. Typically, these visas can be obtained upon reaching the country at designated points such as airports or border crossings. Here is the list of countries that offer visa on arrival to Azerbaijani travellers:

These countries include Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burundi, Cambodia, Cape Verde, Comoros, Egypt, Guinea-Bissau, Jamaica, Jordan, Laos, Lebanon, Macao, Madagascar, Malawi, Maldives, Marshall Islands, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mozambique, Nepal, Nicaragua, Niue, Palau, Qatar, Rwanda, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Syria, Timor-Leste, Togo, Tuvalu, and Zimbabwe. This visa-on-arrival option allows Azerbaijani citizens to embark on their travels with greater flexibility and ease.

ETA Opportunities for Azerbaijan Passport Holders

Azerbaijan citizens have the privilege of obtaining an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) before embarking on their journey to two distinct countries. The eTA is a digital travel document that is required for eligible travellers who are exempt from obtaining a visa for the designated country. Travellers can conveniently apply for this authorization online prior to their trip.

The two countries that offer eTA options to Azerbaijan passport holders are:

  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka

It's essential to understand that eTA eligibility can differ based on the traveller's nationality and the specific requirements of the destination country. Travellers are strongly advised to verify the entry requirements of their chosen destination before making travel plans.

Countries Requiring E-Visa Applications for Azerbaijan Citizens

Azerbaijan passport holders planning to travel to 29 countries are required to apply for electronic visas (eVisas) before their journey. It's important to be aware that processing times, fees, and visa validity can vary depending on the destination country.

The following countries necessitate e-Visa applications for Azerbaijani travellers:

These countries encompass Australia, Bahrain, Benin, Bhutan, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Congo (Democratic Republic), Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Djibouti, Ethiopia, Gabon, Guinea, India, Kenya, Lesotho, Montserrat, Nigeria, Oman, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Sao Tome and Principe, Singapore, South Sudan, St. Helena, Tanzania, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, and Zambia. E-Visas offer Azerbaijani citizens a convenient way to secure travel authorization for their journeys to these destinations.

The eVisa application process typically involves completing an online form, providing personal and passport information, uploading required documents (such as a passport-sized photograph), and paying the visa fee. Once the application is reviewed and approved, the eVisa is sent to the applicant, often via email, in a PDF or another electronic format. It is crucial to verify the visa requirements for the chosen destination before making travel arrangements.

Countries Requiring Visas for Azerbaijan Passport Holders

Travelling to certain countries entails obtaining a regular visa for Azerbaijani citizens. In total, 132 countries require visa applications before travelling. These countries have specific visa requirements and processing procedures that travellers must adhere to. Visa processing times, fees, and required documents can vary depending on the traveller's nationality and the destination country.

The list of countries that require Azerbaijani citizens to apply for regular visas includes:

These countries encompass a diverse range, including Afghanistan, Algeria, American Samoa, Andorra, Angola, Anguilla, Argentina, Armenia, Aruba, Austria, Belgium, Belize, Bermuda, and extend to several others like the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, and across Europe, Africa, and the Americas. The application process may involve providing necessary documentation, attending visa interviews, and adhering to specific requirements unique to each destination, emphasising the need for travellers to thoroughly research and prepare for their respective visa applications.

The Visa Application Process for Azerbaijanis

Obtaining a visa involves several key steps for Azerbaijani citizens:

  • Schedule an Appointment

Initiate the process by arranging an appointment at the visa centre located in Azerbaijan. Contact the local visa application centre in your home country to secure a meeting for submitting your visa application. Be prepared for potential delays, as scheduling an appointment with the embassy or consulate may take several months.

  • Document Preparation

To ensure a successful application, gather the necessary documents for your visa. These typically include your passport, completed application form, health insurance, and other relevant materials. Some documents may require verification with an apostille stamp or certification by a foreign office.

  • Application Submission

Once your documents are in order, you can proceed to submit your visa application. This step often involves attending a visa interview, and you may also be asked to provide your biometrics. Prior to submission, ensure that your documents are correctly translated in accordance with the embassy or consulate's requirements and, if possible, verified with an apostille stamp. Following submission, it may take several weeks for a decision to be reached regarding your visa application.

It's worth noting that if you possess a valid visa that permits entry into multiple countries, you may not need to apply for a new visa for each individual destination.

Required Documents for Azerbaijani Citizens Applying for a Visa

When Azerbaijani citizens plan to visit countries that necessitate a visa application in advance, specific documents are typically required. Although document requirements may vary depending on the destination, the following documents are commonly requested:

  • Valid Azerbaijani Passport: Your valid Azerbaijani passport is a fundamental requirement. In many cases, the passport must remain valid for more than six months beyond your intended departure date. It is advisable to include a photocopy of your passport.
  • Completed Visa Application Form: You'll need to fill out the visa application form provided by the destination country's embassy or consulate.
  • Recent Passport Photos: Recent passport photos, usually not older than six months, are often part of the application requirements.
  • Travel Health Insurance: A travel health insurance policy that covers the entire duration of your stay is typically required.
  • Proof of Paid Visa Fee: You'll need to provide evidence of payment for the visa application fee.
  • Detailed Travel Itinerary: A comprehensive travel itinerary that outlines your planned destinations and activities during your visit is often necessary.
  • Letter of Invitation (If Applicable): Some countries may require a formal letter of invitation, particularly if you are visiting for business or as a guest.
  • Return Flight Booking: Proof of a booked return ticket for your journey home is commonly requested.
  • Accommodation Confirmation: Documented proof of booked accommodation during your stay is typically required.
  • Sufficient Funds: Demonstrating that you have sufficient financial means to cover your visit is essential.
  • Civil Status Documents: Depending on the country and the nature of your visit, you may be asked to provide civil status documents such as marriage certificates or birth certificates.


How many countries can Azerbaijani passport holders travel to without a visa?

Azerbaijani passport holders can travel to a total of 68 countries without the need for a visa.

How can Azerbaijani citizens apply for a regular visa to travel to countries that require one?

To apply for a regular visa, Azerbaijani citizens typically need to follow these steps: 1) Schedule an appointment at the destination country's visa centre, 2) Prepare the required documents (e.g., passport, application form, health insurance), 3) Submit the application and attend a visa interview, and 4) Wait for the visa decision.

What are some common documents required for visa applications by Azerbaijani citizens?

Commonly required documents for Azerbaijani citizens applying for visas include a valid passport, completed visa application form, recent passport photos, travel health insurance, proof of paid visa fee, a detailed travel itinerary, a letter of invitation (if applicable), proof of a booked return flight, proof of accommodation, proof of sufficient funds, and civil status documents (e.g., marriage or birth certificates).

Can a valid visa for one country allow entry to multiple countries?

Some visas permit entry into multiple countries. If Azerbaijani citizens have such a visa, they may not need to apply for separate visas for each country within the designated region.

What should travellers be cautious of when applying for visas?

It's essential for travellers to be cautious about their visa application timelines, as scheduling appointments with embassies or consulates may take time. Additionally, fulfilling specific document requirements and ensuring they meet entry criteria, such as no prior criminal history, is crucial.

Do visa requirements for Azerbaijani passport holders change over time?

Yes, visa requirements can change due to visa agreements, temporary travel restrictions, and evolving entry regulations imposed by destination countries. Travellers should check the latest requirements before their trips.

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