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COVID-19 Vaccine Passport for Azerbaijan

As the government of Azerbaijan has gradually reduced the restriction of COVID-19 on international travel, people interested in visiting Azerbaijan can now travel to the country. 

COVID 19 Vaccine Passport for Azerbaijan

In order to visit Azerbaijan, you need to apply for an Azerbaijan visa and should have the additional health documents regarding COVID-19

The article will guide you on all the things necessary for obtaining a vaccination passport for Azerbaijan. 

What Is a Vaccine Passport for Azerbaijan? 

 The vaccine status of an individual is shown by a coronavirus vaccine passport. It clarifies the vaccine type an individual received and the vaccine’s date

To restart international travel safely, Azerbaijan and several other countries are using vaccine passports. Foreigners are allowed by Azerbaijan from several countries to visit the country if they are fully vaccinated. 

You will need a medical certificate that will prove if you are fully vaccinated if you want to be eligible for entry into the country. 

Who Needs a Vaccination Certificate for Azerbaijan

If you are from the following countries, you can visit Azerbaijan

Hong Kong
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom


If your age is over 18, you will need to show if you are fully vaccinated via a vaccine passport. If you are under 18, you don’t need to provide a vaccine passport for visiting the country. 

Can you travel to Azerbaijan with a COVID-19 recovery certificate? 

You can use a recovery certificate to travel to Azerbaijan if you have recovered from COVID-19 recently. 

This certificate will ensure that the applicant is clear to travel by providing the positive test result date. 

In addition, this certificate needs to be verifiable electronically, e.g. it can be accessed with a QR Code

Required Information on the Vaccine Passport

The traveller must provide an official certificate that shows the COVID-19 vaccination course is completed.

Following is the information a Vaccination passport for Covid-19 should have

  • Full name of the traveller/applicant
  • ID number/ Passport number
  • Country where the vaccine was received
  • Issuing centre
  • Type of vaccine, manufacturer, and brand
  • Doses date

At the moment, you won’t be able to enter the country if you are partially vaccinated.

It is recommended by Azerbaijan that a vaccine passport including a QR code should be carried by the travellers to make the border control processes faster. 

Travelling to Azerbaijan with a Vaccine Certificate

Foreigners will need to carry the vaccine passport while travelling to the country, verified in the airport during check-in. 

You won’t be allowed a flight to Azerbaijan if you don’t possess a vaccine passport that is valid or a recovery certificate

The certificate must be verified electronically by the Airport staff. 

Other Documents to Travel to Azerbaijan During COVID-19

A Covid-19 test is also needed for a traveller along with a COVID-19 vaccination certificate if they want to travel to the country. 

A negative PCR test is mandatory, which should be printed on a medical certificate.

The test should not be taken more than 72 hours before travelling to the country.

The PCR test is required from all passengers of the age more than 1. Only babies under one year are exempt from this test. 

Travellers must meet all the standard visa requirements for Azerbaijan. The above-listed countries are allowed to enter Azerbaijan via an ASAN electronic visa

How to get a Vaccination Certificate for Azerbaijan 

You can obtain the vaccination certificate from local health authorities.

EU residents and citizens can use the EU Digital COVID certificate. 

Information regarding recovery or vaccine status can be seen in the EU’s vaccine passport, including the QR code

NHS Covid Pass can be used by the residents of The United Kingdom’s citizens and Britain’s residents to show their status regarding vaccination. 

For different countries, different vaccine passports are available. It should be checked by the traveller that all of the documents meet the requirements for the Azerbaijan vaccine passport

Summary of COVID-19 Medical Certificates for Azerbaijan

If you want to visit Azerbaijan, then you should confirm that you are from one of the countries listed above and may need to provide 1, 2, or no certificates regarding your medical, which depends on your age

  • A recovery certificate or COVID-19 vaccine passport along with a negative test result of COVID-19 PCR must be provided by travellers over the age of 18.
  • Travellers ranging from 1 year of age to 18 need only to provide a negative test result certificate regarding COVID-19.
  • Travellers who are less than one year old do not need to provide any certificates. 


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  • Step2: Make an online payment Payment Methods: Credit Card

  • Step3: Check your e-mail address If your payment is confirmed, your visa will be sent to your e-mail

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