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Azerbaijani Passport Climbs Global Ranking

Azerbaijan has made significant progress in the latest Henley and Partners (H&P) Passport Index, a renowned ranking system that evaluates passports based on their visa-free travel capabilities. 

This ranking assesses passports from over 200 countries and territories, taking into account the number of destinations that passport holders can visit without requiring a prior visa. In this year's assessment, Azerbaijan secured the 72nd place, marking an improvement of three spots compared to the previous year.

Passport Strength

Azerbaijani passport holders can access a total of 69 visa-free destinations during the reporting period. The duration of visa-free stays varies depending on the type of travel document. 

Ordinary passport holders may enjoy stays ranging from 15 days to 180 days, while diplomatic and service passport holders have similar privileges.

Evaluation Methodology

The Henley and Partners Passport Index is a comprehensive evaluation that considers passport strength by analyzing travel options to 227 possible destinations. 

The index relies on data provided by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to provide accurate and up-to-date information about visa requirements.

Regional Comparisons

  • Russia: Russia now ranks 49th in the index, offering its passport holders visa-free travel to 115 destinations worldwide.
  • Kazakhstan: This neighboring Caspian region country occupies the 66th spot, providing its passport holders with visa-free access to 77 destinations.
  • Turkmenistan: Turkmenistan's passport ranks 87th, allowing its citizens to travel to 50 destinations without requiring a prior visa.
  • Iran: Iran ranks 92nd as its passport holders can visit 44 countries and territories visa-free.

Global Leaders

At the top of the ranking, the passport of Singapore holds the prestigious first place, granting its holders visa-free access to an impressive 192 countries. Following closely behind are Germany, Italy, and Spain, which share the second spot with a visa-free score of 190. 

The third most powerful passports belong to a group of countries, including Austria, Finland, France, Japan, Luxembourg, South Korea, and Sweden, all of which allow their passport holders to travel to 189 countries without the need for a prior visa.


Azerbaijan's ascent in the Henley and Partners Passport Index demonstrates its growing influence on the global stage and its commitment to fostering international relationships. 

As the country continues to enhance its diplomatic ties and strengthen its global position, it is likely that Azerbaijani passport holders will enjoy even greater visa-free travel opportunities in the future.

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