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Azerbaijan/UAE: Tourist Visa Waiver Implemented

The governments of Azerbaijan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have entered into a significant bilateral agreement that facilitates visa-free entry for their respective nationals. This agreement, which aims to promote tourism and strengthen economic ties, allows citizens of both nations to travel freely between Azerbaijan and the UAE for tourism purposes without the need for a visa.

Visa-Free Travel

  • Effective as of July 8, 2023, citizens of the United Arab Emirates can visit Azerbaijan for tourism and stay for a period of up to 90 days without the requirement of a visa.
  • Similarly, nationals of Azerbaijan can travel to the United Arab Emirates for tourism and enjoy visa-free stays of up to 90 days.

Residency Visa Holders

  • UAE residents who hold a valid residence visa are also beneficiaries of this agreement. They can enter Azerbaijan without the need to obtain a visa in advance, whether from the embassy or the Consulate General of Azerbaijan in the UAE.

UAE Embassies Announcement

  • The UAE Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan, officially announced this visa waiver agreement on Twitter.
  • They described it as a testament to the "wise leadership" and "distinguished relations" between the two nations.

Ongoing Efforts

  • This move is part of the continued efforts by both Azerbaijan and the UAE to enhance bilateral relations and encourage tourism and business travel.
  • It reflects their commitment to fostering closer ties, which extend beyond tourism to various sectors, including trade and investment.

Previous Developments

  • Prior to this comprehensive visa waiver, Azerbaijan had already taken steps to facilitate travel for UAE residents. In July 2018, Azerbaijan introduced a policy allowing UAE residency visa holders to obtain tourist visas upon arrival at Azerbaijani airports, valid for one month.
  • To benefit from this provision, travelers are required to present their valid visa, passport, or travel document upon arrival.

Economic Impact

  • The implementation of this visa waiver is expected to have a positive impact on the economies of both Azerbaijan and the UAE.
  • It is likely to boost tourism in both nations, attracting more visitors from the UAE to Azerbaijan and vice versa, thereby contributing to the growth of the tourism industry and related businesses.


The visa-free travel agreement between Azerbaijan and the UAE is a significant step towards strengthening bilateral relations and promoting tourism and economic cooperation between the two nations. 

It simplifies travel procedures, enhances people-to-people connections, and promises economic benefits for both parties. This development is a testament to the enduring friendship and collaboration between Azerbaijan and the United Arab Emirates.

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