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Latvian Embassy in Baku

Latvian Embassy in Baku Azerbaijan is a strong bond of communication between Latvia Government and Azerbaijan.


Head of Mission: Mr Juris Maklakovs, Ambassador

Embassy/Consulate Appointment or Contact Information Latvian Embassy in Baku : Before visit make an appointment

Appointment Booking

Before visiting the embassy, please book an appointment. Embassy offices may remain closed during Azerbaijan and Latvia holidays. Make a phone call to confirm the opening hours since the opening hours may be affected due to the ongoing global pandemic.

You can make an appointment through either a phone call or email . You are advised for more details. Please check the consulate website for the inquiries contact form. A contact form for inquiries can be found on the consulate website.

Latvia Consulates in Azerbaijan may organize/prioritize an Appointment for Latvia residents or have committed support.

Consular/Embassy Services

Ensuring the safety and protection of Latvia citizens in Azerbaijan is the foremost responsibility of the embassy. The Latvia embassy in Azerbaijan offers passport and visa processing, birth Report, document legalization, and other services. In addition, an embassy may visit their country fellows in jails and assist the families and friends in the death of their relative(s).

Visa/Passports Services
The embassy facilitates visa and passport issuance services to visit Latvia for travel/tourism or business purposes, meeting family or friends, seeking job opportunities, and/or making an investment. If you want to apply for the Long Stay/employment Visas, contact the above mentioned phone numbers.

Visa types granted by Latvia are;

  • Latvia Tourist Visa (T)
  • Latvia Business Visa (B)
  • Latvia Employment Visa (E)
  • Latvia Student Visa (S)
  • Latvia Transit Visa (Tr)
  • Latvia Research (R)
  • Latvia Journalist (J)
  • Latvia Medical (M)
  • Latvia Surrogacy
  • Latvia Conference (C)
  • Latvia Entry (X) visa
  • Latvia For Study of Yoga/Vedic culture/Indian system of dance/Music

Requirements for Visa

The following requirements must be met for Latvia Visa

  • Signed ad Valid Passport
  • A filled-out application form
  • Photographs (no more than three months older, must have a white background, no glasses)
  • Identification Card
  • Business Cover Letter/ Intent Letter (for those intending to do business or make an investment in the country)
  • Invitation letter from Latvia sponsor (To validate your travel purpose and accommodation)
  • Letter of Authorization
  • Latvia Ministry of Foreign Affairs Letter

Following are the Visa application form filling guide

  • Personal details (Full name, dob, place of birth, country, occupation, and gender)
  • Contact details (Phone number, email, permanent address)
  • Passport details (passport number, passport issue date, passport expiry date)
  • Travel details (date intended for arrival and accommodation address)

Visa processing time

An applicant must apply for a visa 5-7 days before the travel date, as 5-7 days is the visa processing time. If a person needs an urgent Visa in case, the applicant receives his Visa in just three hours.

Travel Insurance for Azerbaijan
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Relationship between Azerbaijan and Latvia

On December 21, 1991, the Republic of Azerbaijan was recognized as an independent state Latvia. The diplomatic relations between these countries were established on November 16, 1994. While Latvia has an embassy in Azerbaijan located in Baku, Azerbaijan is yet to open one in Latvia. However, the country is planning to open an embassy in Latvia soon.


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Hello! My friend, an Azerbaijani person is willing to apply for Latvian visa. He has met these requirements for visa - Signed ad Valid Passport, a filled-out application form, photographs, Identification Card, Invitation letter from Latvia sponsor. But we are not sure what are the last two - Letter of Authorization Latvia Ministry of Foreign Affairs Letter. Are these two papers made in Latvia or in Azerbaijan? How can they be obtained? Thank you very much for your responsiveness in advance!!! With best regards, Laine