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Azerbaijani Embassy in Beirut

Azerbaijani Embassy in Beirut Lebanon is a strong bond of communication between Azerbaijan Government and Lebanon.


Head of Mission: Aghasalim Shukurov, Ambassador

Embassy/Consulate Appointment or Contact Information Azerbaijani Embassy in Beirut : Before visit make an appointment

One can visit the embassy through an appointment. Embassy offices may remain closed during Azerbaijani or Lebanon holidays. You can contact the embassy for an appointment through phone call or email to confirm the opening hours. Due to the ongoing global pandemic, the opening hours may be affected.

You can make an appointment through either a phone call or email . You are advised for more details. Please check the consulate website for the inquiries contact form. A contact form for inquiries can be found on the consulate website.

Azerbaijan Consulates in Lebanon may organize/prioritize an Appointment for Azerbaijan residents or have committed support.

Consular/Embassy Services

The Azerbaijan embassy offers hordes of different services to its citizens. For instance, it offers emergency services, passport and visa processing, birth certificate, document legalization, and similar other services that come under a diplomatic mission’s jurisdiction. The embassy personnel may also offer legal aid to citizens who are declared violators of Lebanon law or get arrested by the local law enforcement authorities. Furthermore, the embassy has to look after issues like legalizing marriages, issuing death certificates, and facilitating Azerbaijani citizens in case of a relative or family member’s death.

Some of the key services the embassy offers include:

  • Processing of passport applications
  • Processing of visa applications
  • Notarizing certain documents
  • Legalizing documents
  • Civil registration

Visa/Passport Services

In order to travel to Azerbaijan for tourism, business, work, education, or participating in trade/cultural/sports-related activities, the traveller will have to obtain a visa. The Azerbaijan embassy is responsible for issuing different types of visas. The embassy offers a wide range of visas, including the following:

  • Tourist/visitor visa
  • Business visa
  • Official/diplomatic visa
  • Work visa
  • Temporary work visa
  • Student visa
  • Family visa
  • Medical visa
  • Media visa
  • Cultural visa
  • Multiple entries visa
  • Single entry visa
  • Transit visa

Common Visa Types

Azerbaijan ASAN Visa is a short-term visa, also known as an Azerbaijan electronic visa or eVisa. Nationals from around 100 countries can apply for the ASAN visa without visiting the embassy in person.

Azerbaijan Consular Visa is another short-term visa offered to eligible citizens of nearly 140 countries. To obtain this visa, the applicant has to visit their nearest Azerbaijani Embassy or visa facilitation centre.

Long-Term Visas should be obtained if the traveller intends to move to Azerbaijan or seek employment in the country.

Azerbaijan Sticker Visa is a travel document permitting foreign travellers to visit Azerbaijan, and a traveller must submit the documents near the Azeri embassy.

Ten countries have visa exemption, and their eligible nationals can enter Azerbaijan without a visa and stay for a specific duration. Still, if they plan to stay for a longer duration, they will require a relevant visa.

You can apply online if the purpose of your travel is tourism, Business, medical treatment, humanitarian services, sports, education, culture, personal trip, science, or Business.

Requirements for Visa

The following requirements must be met for obtaining a travel permit.

  • The person applying for the visa must belong to the eligible country
  • At least six months of passport validity is a must starting from the entry date
  • A recent passport size photograph taken against a full white background.

Visa processing

Applicants must submit their applications at least three days before the travel date in case of a short-term visa and at least 15 days before the due travel date in case of a long-term stay or work visa.

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Lebanon and Azerbaijan Abroad

The Azerbaijani Embassy in Beirut , Azerbaijan, is among the 83 foreign representations in Azerbaijan and one of the 77 foreign representations in Baku. The Azerbaijani Embassy in Beirut is among the 130 diplomatic/consular representations of Lebanon abroad.

On the other hand, Azerbaijan has just one formal diplomatic representation in Lebanon. The Azerbaijan Embassy in Lebanon is among the 106 foreign representations in Lebanon and the 96 foreign representations currently operating in the country. Moreover, the Azerbaijani embassy in Lebanon is a 91 diplomatic/consular representation of the country abroad.

Lebanon and Azerbaijan Relationship

On 26 December 1991, the People’s Democratic Republic of Lebanon officially recognized the independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan and

diplomatic relations between the two nations got established on 22 April 1994.

Both the countries have had a friendly and cooperation-based relationship so far. On 28 November 2014, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan signed Decree No. 894 to formalize the activities of the Azerbaijan Embassy in Lebanon. Lebanon, conversely, opened a diplomatic office in Azerbaijan in January 2015.

The prime minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Novruz Mammadov, recently met with a delegation from Lebanon, headed by the country’s Minister of Justice, Tayeb Louh. The Prime Minister of Azerbaijan noted that this visit was instrumental in expanding bilateral ties between the two nations. The premier further explained that both countries would extend cooperation in various sectors, from economy and energy to industry and tourism.

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Akpakwu Bernard

Good morning sir, My name is Akpakwu Bernard and I am a Nigerian seeking a student visa to lithunia that has no embassy in my country. I was told that VFS Lithuania in Baku can issue a student temporary resident permit for me. For this reason, I needed a tourist visa that will keep me for 3 month in Baku until my Temporary resident permit for study in Lithuania is ready. Please let me know if I can apply for tourist visa to Azerbaijan from Lebanon. I am a Nigerian in Abuja, thank you and please see the address of the VFS Lithuania in Azerbaijan Address: Demirci Towers, 37 Khojali Avenue, Baku, AZ1005, Azerbaijan. Contact by e-mail: [email protected]. More information and visit booking

Ahmad soleiman

Hello My name is ahmad soleiman i want to book two appointment for apply azerbijan viza

Fady Aoun

Dear Sirs, The Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), one of the most prestigious sports federations in the world will hold its annual meeting and award ceremonies in Baku during the first ten days of December 2023. I am registered to attend meeting in addition to the the Prize Giving Galas. You are kindly requested to inform me about your procedures I have to make to get an appointment to visit the embassy to apply for a visa. Your prompt feedback is highly appreciated. Regards

Ali daher

Dear sirs, I would like to ask about legalizing a university certificate. it is in arabic and english. should we translate it into russian to submit it ? and what are the required other papers to be submitted for this legalization and what are the fees please ?


Hi, my name is Husam Wannous. I would like to make an appointment to visit the embassy to apply for a visa.


can you please give us a valid number for the embassy so we can contact...

Rola machhoud

hello how can i apply for the azerbaijani tourist visa? im lebanese citizen and I cannot apply online and no one is replying my calls at the embassy

Doaa Al Awad

hello, I’m planning to visit Azerbaijan for tourism in May 2023 for the first time, I’m Palestinian reside in Lebanon, and I need to apply for a visa and I need to ask some question before applying in order to plan accordingly. 1- How can apply for the visa and what are the required documents? 2- Do I need an appointment for applying for the visa? 3- How much time does it take the process of issuance of the visa? 4- What is the validity period for a one time entry visa? I appreciate your reply. Regards, Doaa