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Embassy and Consulate of Azerbaijan

Travelling to Azerbaijan and looking for its embassy or consulate from your home country?

Here is a comprehensive online directory of Azerbaijan’s embassy and consulate in different countries where you can find out all relevant details. Azerbaijan’s diplomatic missions are working in various countries systematically and provide you with their consular services and resolve travel-related issues.

The Republic of Azerbaijan runs 67 embassies, 18 consulates and one other representation in foreign countries. You can contact the Azerbaijan embassy and consulates in foreign countries for getting all general information about their services, rules and regulations. You can also get answers to your queries from the offices.

For instance, you can ask for embassy service for your passport related issues. It can be expiry, issuance, renewal, theft, damage, etc. The diplomatic missions deal with all concerns related to ordinary passports, diplomatic passports, and service passports. Azerbaijan’s diplomatic offices in foreign countries also handle matters related to determination, recognition, resumption and renunciation of citizenship of the Republic of Azerbaijan. If you are from Azerbaijan and want to earn citizenship in the foreign country you currently reside in, you need to notify the embassy. Next, you have to follow all the procedures to attain dual nationality legally. You can also contact the embassy to avail of their visa service.

Before you attend Azerbaijan’s embassy or consulate in person, you should note down the office hours of the specific diplomatic mission and its correct address to avoid any wait or delays.

Here is the list of Azerbaijan embassies and consulates abroad to help you plan your trip, solve your issues, or gather any important information you need. You may contact any of these embassies or consulates and avail of their services.

Embassies of Azerbaijan