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Embassy and Consulate in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan mainly focuses on restoring its territorial integrity and is still in process. It also aims towards guarding the country’s independence, for which it is struggling in the correct direction. In addition, it is also developing strong economic partnerships with neighbouring countries within the region, which has resulted in a large number of foreign embassies working and providing services in Azerbaijan.

Baku, the Azerbaijani capital serves as a host to 65 embassies and 14 consulates from different countries. One other representation is also functional in Azerbaijan. Almost all embassies and consulates are located in Baku, however, with a few exceptions. Ganja, also holds the consulates of a few countries. You can connect to these embassies and avail the services provided by them.

Before you visit the embassy physically, you must note down the correct address and operating hours of the office in order to proceed smoothly. There can be specified timings for particular services. Therefore, visit the office in the allotted time to avoid wait or delays.

Following is the list of embassies and consulates present in Azerbaijan. You can connect with any of the mentioned Embassy or Consulate in Azerbaijan to acquire complete information, including contact details and the number of services that a specific diplomatic or consular office offers.

Embassies in Azerbaijan